Friday, August 10, 2007

Freudians’ haven

Welcome to the haven of eternal perverts.
They are the hardcore Freudians……
As our youngest paparazzi swears….
everything here justifies Freud theory.
All seven (more) sins are here…..without doubt next Sodom,
Frustration, perversion, jealousy, lust…..
Reason: all suffering from erectile disfunctioning.

He is the ‘Hagrid’ (…..the semi-giant in Harry Potter),
who gets a high even with the remotest mentioning
of anything related to women.
He gets his highest orgy when women abuse him.
His perpetual repulsive character, along with the rotten smell
he emanates from all parts of his body….(….even sewage/garbage stories of Lilli can’t beat it), will make even you an impotent.

His antenna captures each whisper of his woman colleagues,
and he feels his irritating comments are must add-ons.
He is the epitome of sacrifice, that he even skipped his orientation class, when a girl got diarrhea…..

The ever-sleeping ambience of the office gets an occasional high when internees come, once in an year.
All the mentally-physically oldies will take a bath.
Wearing new clothes with pungent smelling perfumes,
the ever-late comers reach office early, to take internees for tea, for assignments, to toilet….etc
They sit to late night referring volumes of books for jokes, compete each other to entertain them.
The male internees will not even get to type an engagement
while giggling girls get bylines and even a lift to restaurants, and shopping mall.

Mr. Scum, who doesn’t have any police stories or Anglo-Indian looks to claim, starts his sentimental stories of losing his parents…….buying his widow sister’s kid a packet of glucose biscuit to impress internees. He, while scratching balls, will describe in full length how he got psoriasis with frequent use of holy ash and pre-owned underwear.

Mr. Lilli, who thinks girls will automatically fall for him with his charismatic presence, will sit and wait in wane.
Interns often fail to notice that bonsai culture.
In that frustration he would bare his fangs and gossip for another three hours with his venomous counter part at the centre.
And this paparazzi heard those internees quit journalism and joined barber training institute.

There are certain very interesting characters, who need entire episodes, so will be unfair to include in this.


pissed off paparazzi said...

Hahahahaha :) wah wah!

pissed off paparazzi said...

Unbeliavably funny... you are damn good my comerade....Wot was the sudden inspiration?
- the shoddy sub-editor