Thursday, September 13, 2007

Single column

A paparazzi was summoned by the Escapee in the wee hours of Wednesday afternoon.
After spraying his saliva into the air several times and uttering guttural noises, he looked up once and snapped, "What the F*** do you want?"
The paparazzi answered meekly, "I thought you wanted me to meet you." At this, the Great Escapee had a facial expression that resembled a rabid bull dog, with froth oozing out of its open jaws. "Do not bring such bills to me henceforth. If you do, I'll F*****G spit on your face," he snapped, picking his rotten teeth and smearing the residue he collected from this teeth on the papers strewn about his table.
The only mistake the paparazzi had committed was claim the reimbursement, which the mighty organisation condescends to give its wretched group of spineless employees. Peanuts though it is, the shoddy paparazzi wanted the amount desperately.
The Escapee, who is in charge of the funds at the grassroots level of the organsiation's branch here, however, does his best to prevent any non asslicker employee from getting his or her dues.
Whenever employees seek his help for reimbursement or allowances, Mr.Escapee behaves as though they asked for sexual intercourse with his wife or borrowed his grandmother's sex toys. The poor paparazzi is now only left in amazement that this place gets the right kind of people it deserves. And this uncouth bastard is a perfect brand ambassador.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious E.C ...uncouth bastard describes him the best... I promise to write part II, as I too need to get some money reimbursed from that ASS


Anonymous said...

I know it only too well about this asshole's uncouth nature....
- S.S