Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Big Bums' Bday Bash

Today is a big day in the life of Big B. The Perpetual thinker noticed the change in her behaviour from morning. She showed all signs of anxiety psyschosis and the P.T had to rake the brains to find out the reasons for her anxiety. May be she has learnt a new tecnhique on how to fuck up lives of office colleagues? May be her fan club membership has grown by leaps and bounds? May be she has discovered a magical solution for V. C ( refer share a tit...) But big B proved me wrong. All with the arrival of that one and only residentjumbo/ fatso. He barges in everyday to say hello, with his hands on his mouth ( he wants to guard his swollen lips from falling off and that is the only reason for this behaviour!). His day begins only after greeting the Big B, come what may. Even if the President of India is holding a meet, he cares a fuck, he'd patiently wait for the big B to arrive, say hello, exchange romantic looks( again a daily ritual) and then catch up with the prez. Thats how committed he is.
Now, back to the anxiety factor. Others in the room were pretty normal. The P.T as always was a busy bee and big B's bumchum activist was involved in a research on why is pig fat considered vegetarian? but the big B waited with bated breath. She kept looking at the door with longing look for a million times . P.T wondered why big B is unusually silent?.
He walked in ( though P.t. noticed the shady floral motifs on his shirt, pretended not to look at his side) the big B jumped out of her chair in joy. The room experienced mild tremors, such was the intensity. The fatso even spilt tea from his cup, because of the excitement.
After the rituals ( looks and hello), there was a twinkle in her bulbuos eyes. She flashed those decaying teeth, extended her hand coyly and wished him happy birthday in a husky tone. She was dying to give him a bday hug, the P.T. noticed. But as the activist also joined the celebration with a bday shake, the big B had to restrain from public display of emotions. Anyway, they have their regular outings in the jungles, away from the madding crowd to get up, close and personal with each other and celebrate birthday in style.
Please join me to wish the fatso an exciting Bday Bash....

Reporting by The P.T

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Anonymous said...

hahah! P.T, im elated after reading your post. :) by the way, my heartfelt wishes to the bday boy