Friday, August 29, 2008

The French connection

wakey wakey fellow paparazzis
I have news for you.
Lilli the great, the pocket-size megalomaniac, has got one more feather to his cap. A hip one at that for, he has been asked to go to the land of fashion. Lilli has been busy ever since he got the official order from 'above.' He has been dreaming of walking hand in hand with hot women and sipping sparkling champagne from glasses taller than him. He was even spotted hunting for a foldable ladder that he could take to the land of the eiffel tower. He could then be sure of being captured on camera while standing by the tower.
He has begun shopping for clothes, footwear and stuff. He has already started taking French tuitions and drinking wine instead of water. He walks around with his head held high and talks with a crisp french accent now...

(due to shortage of time, this paparazzi has to rush. Sorry for the inconvenience. Will be continued...)

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Anonymous said...

Exceptional Shoddy Sub Editor! I bow before thy genius!
-- E.C.--