Monday, November 3, 2008

Dreams for all

Disclaimer: Those who have learnt psychoanalysis or have had any experience with dream interpretation, kindly stop reading right here. Others may continue.

This is a rare case of dreams speaking to you. I had this surreal dream last night and felt I should share it with all of you as it was about someone so dear to all of you. A personality, who with his disarming salt and pepper beard and a set of immaculate vegetarian teeth, has won over journalists everywhere he goes.
It was about none other than Mr.Oxford.
But, the dream showcased some of the hidden aspects of his personality which most fail to see. My dreams have never followed the linear narrative mode till date. So this one was a phantasmagoria of his ass, beautifully packed into a tight silky-smooth black shorts. The image kept playing on in a loop until I stretched out my hand (in my sleep of course), with the hope of finding a mouse and click ‘exit.’
The casualty of using too much computer.

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