Monday, November 19, 2007

'Do not put my chastity at stake'

A seemingly harmless absolutely avoidable humanoid form in this organisation has raised alarm among the womenfolk (at least a couple of them) with his sudden atypical behaviour.
The creature in question is puny, balding and emits sounds akin to a factory siren having a bad day, when excited. However, the sudden change in this creature's demeanour has reinforced the ultimate truth ruling this place -- perversion!
He has been showing signs of utmost sexual deprivation lately. Sources say that he has been carrying extra bundles of the holy ash in his bag to keep the surging hormones in check. Looks like the expansive lines the holy ash on his forehead is not helping him.
Attempts at touching and staring at women colleagues in pathetically perverse ways have forced some of them to hide their physical assests under layers and layers of thick clothing.
This perverted humanoid form plans his moves with the expertise of a veteran rapist. Having already created an image of being a GOD-fearing, overtly religious, vegetarian woman-hater, he makes them (women) believe he is sexless. "I cannot give you a lift on my bike as I am a virgin and will die one. Do not put my chastity at stake," he said to one of the vehicle-less woman reporters who was stranded at an assignment once without knowing how to get back.
Duped by his anti-female stand, some women here worship him as a reincarnation of Lord Hanuman.
He is currently undergoing coaching under the uncrowned king of photography, the fatso, to learn the art of licking lips when aroused and focussing on cleavages and belly buttons. Good luck to them both.

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