Thursday, October 11, 2007

Spotlight on Bigpig

The perpetually pissed off paparazzis are suspected to have lost their fervour even for this cathartic release. But, wait a minute, I have regained mine. Thanks to the pig family.
The Bigpig is out to socialise with the half-arsed industrialist friends of his this evening. The fatso will give him gay company. Bigpig is sure to throw his weight around, gate crash at people he doesnt know, scratch their arse and if possible their crotches too. Baby, thats his idea of hard work. And the fatso will click pictures of these, which he will make a profit of by selling them to his grandfather who is a sex maniac.
Fucking bastards ought to be shot in their groins, so that they dont leave behind a legacy of piglets, all true to their patriarchal lineage.

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Anonymous said...

gud..gud...after a long time !!!